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Copyright Infringement

At iPremiumCloud, we act as resellers for premium user accounts, granting swift access to various file-sharing platforms. Please note: We exclusively offer access services via these accounts, represented by short alphanumeric codes. We DO NOT deal in any content or files of any type.

You can review the list of platforms we support on our homepage.

Intellectual Property Rights:

We deeply respect and uphold intellectual property rights. If you suspect any violations concerning files on the file-sharing services we partner with, please notify us immediately at

For us to address your concerns efficiently, kindly provide:

Identification of the copyrighted works believed to be infringed. For multiple works, a single notification may feature a representative list.

A detailed description of the alleged infringing material, along with information aiding its location.

Contact details of the notifier, including an address, phone number, and available email.

A declaration asserting that the use of the material in question is not sanctioned by the copyright holder, their agent, or the law. Remember, under the EUCD/DMCA, knowingly misrepresenting content as infringing can lead to legal repercussions.

Confirmation that the notice's information is accurate, and, under the threat of perjury, a statement indicating the notifier is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder in question.

An authentic signature (physical or digital) of an individual empowered to represent the supposedly infringed copyright holder.

Failure to provide the above may jeopardize the legitimacy of your claim and potentially be viewed as slanderous.

Our commitment is to proactively work against any unlawful actions on our partner file-sharing platforms. Hence, your detailed, well-founded, and documented information on actual or potential breaches is pivotal.

Lastly, we only collaborate with legally recognized file-sharing services. Should any service be officially banned by global entities or judicial bodies, we will promptly cease offering its premium access.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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